Digital Projects

Keep interacting, keep impacting!

We continue to rely on digital solutions in your day to day life. In this case, new ways to be connected and interact, both for healthcare professionals and for in-company training.

That’s why we offer a wide range of digital solutions to help you to create value-added content and to continue to make an impact on all your projects.


Digital Projects

Virtual events

We reinvent your meetings with experts to overcome any space-time barrier.

We incorporate different online streamlining methodologies to facilitate the brainstorming of attendees during the meeting.

A platform which is customisable to your needs for virtual Advisory Boards, webinars or scientific training days.

Platform for interaction with HCP

A multi-channel communication platform that allows you to adapt the way you interact with target HCPs according to your preferences and theirs.

Full integration of different corporate materials on the platform to obtain visualisation metrics.

Virtual clinical cases

We offer clinical cases in dynamic formats which are highly motivating, to generate a big impact on participants.

It allows us to collect information about regular clinical practices, in a context which is simulated, but very close to reality, and thus analyse the decision-making of the healthcare professional.