Public Health

Health policies and programmes

We have worked in partnership with health administrations and scientific companies in the design of health programmes and policies. Our working methodologies allow the public decision-maker to develop health programmes agreed with the main stakeholders and based on available scientific evidence: Delphi Studies, Rand UCLA, Real World Evidence, etc.

Evidence: Documents for the formulation of public health programmes and policies

The hospital pharmacy of the future in Spain.
To provide National Health System professionals in the field of care and health administration with information regarding future expectations and possible forecasts about the organisation and functions of hospital pharmacies in Spain.

Ageing and dependence, desirable futures and possible futures.
EThe report explores how senior citizens will live in the first few decades of the third millennium, in a context of rapid biomedical progress, with increased social inequalities, job insecurity, new forms of work organisation and the transformation of daily life. 284 experts consulted.

The future of child health and paediatrics in Spain..
EThe study aims to update the strategic vision of the evolution of the health and social needs of the child population, as well as the nature and conditions of the organisation of the clinical practice of paediatrics in the immediate future. 298 experts consulted.