RESCAL, a pioneering tool developed by the SEAIC to strengthen quality and safety in patient care

The Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC) has created the RESCAL document (Safety and Quality Recommendations in Allergology), with the aim of providing a series of recommendations on the materials, structures, physical spaces and human resources required to ensure quality and safety in patient care, as well as the recommended timescales for carrying out each activity.

According to Dr Mar Reaño, co-author of the handbook and chair of the SEAIC Committee on Quality and Safety Of Care: “The human resources, time, and technicians required for the performance of allergological practice under adequate conditions of safety and quality vary from one procedure to another, hence this new document to cover a logistical gap in the allergological field and, in parallel, it aims to respond to the soaring increase in allergic people being recorded in Spain.”